Health Minister says there will be no shut down of Lusaka today

Health Minister says there will be no shut down of Lusaka today
Written by Ali Raza
health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has dispelled rumours that government will conduct a spraying exercising in townnowadays therefore limiting moves of buses.

there has been panic among a few Lusaka citizens who had been convinced that movements in the city can be restrictedtoday because authorities intends to spray a few disinfectants in town.

but at a briefing the day past, Dr Chilufya said; “There are rumours like ‘there will be aerial spraying therefore there may be a shutdown, human beings need to stay interior and all the ones matters circulating on social media’ that should be condemned and need to now not be allowed to derail the response and disrupt enterprise. If there are any measures we are able to installed regionwe will announce them ourselves. The best measures are what we’ve got just introduced. We have been inundated with the aid of too many rumours.”

Dr Chilufya announced that government had imposed a curfew on Kanyama compound to be in effect for seven days.

Kanyama residents are expected to be interior by using 18:00 hours throughout this time.

meanwhile, his nearby authorities counterpart Vincent Mwale also announced that bars had been handiest allowed to operate from eleven:00 hours to 19:00 hours.


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