Sugar additive linked to rise of killer superbug

Sugar additive linked to rise of killer superbug
Written by Ali Raza

A SUGAR added substance found in cream cakes, organic product squeezes and sticks has fuelled the ascent of an executioner superbug, new research has found.

The examination demonstrates the sugar – known as trehalose – is used by the conceivably lethal bacterium Clostridium difficile. It proposes the normal fixing has helped trigger scourges over the world.

Trehalose is likewise utilized as a part of dried and solidified nourishments, sustenance bars, natural product fillings, moment noodles and rice and white chocolate.

Lately the UK, Europe and the US have seen a sharp increment in hyper-destructive strains that reason extreme disease.Symptoms incorporate loose bowels, fever, loss of craving, sickness and stomach torment.

Educator Robert Britton, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, stated: “Clostridium difficile illness has as of late expanded to end up plainly a predominant pathogen in North America and Europe, albeit little is thought about what has driven this.”

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