Teens eating Tide pods in internet’s latest dangerous new craze

Teens eating Tide pods in internet's latest dangerous new craze
Written by Ali Raza

Adolescents over the United States are placing themselves in risk by eating clothing cleanser cases they believe are beautiful.

The supposed “Tide Pod Challenge” took off towards the finish of 2017 with youngsters taping themselves gnawing into units of fluid clothing cleanser and presenting it via web-based networking media.

The pods being referred to are made by cleanser organization Tide and are known for their engaging shape and shading.

Eating them has been around for a considerable length of time. Humorous site The Onion posted an article called “With God as my witness, I’m Going To Eat One Of Those Multicolour Detergent Pods” in 2015.

In mid 2017 College Humor posted a video about eating the units, called “Don’t eat the clothing cases”.

The image has now started to show up on Twitter and YouTube, with youngsters really eating the cases.

Tide itself has advised purchasers to abstain from eating the cases, saying they are made for washing garments and the fixings in them are unsafe.

“Nothing is more essential to us than the security of the general population who utilize our items,” a representative told Buzzfeed.

“Our clothing pacs are an exceptionally thought cleanser intended to clean garments and they’re utilized securely in a huge number of family units consistently.

“They should just be utilized to tidy garments and kept up, shut and far from kids.

“We have been reliably proactive in giving customers the correct use direction and devices to empower them to utilize the item securely.”

Tide Pods are not accessible in New Zealand general stores.


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