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Top Six Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas

Top six health benefits of bananas
Written by Ali Raza

Banana is a one of the most famous fruit in the world its have a lot of benefits banana is a good source of potassium in which have lots of potassium banana contains also manganese and vitamin c and vitamin B6 banana is good for every age every person can get benefit by eating banana its available on both seasons in winter and summer and its also known as a best nutrition most of the body builder included bananas in his diet

Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas


Health benefits of eating bananas

Health benefits of eating bananas

  1. Its help to improve your digestive system If you are facing the problem of digestion then you must consumes bananas in your diet
  2. Bananas are play a vital role to improve your bones if you have weak bones then consumes bananas on regular basis
  3. Its also good for strength or energy its good for lazy person by drinking banana shake you can get energy
  4. Banana also improve your sexual power if you are consumes banana shake on regular basis then your sexual power will increase but you must used honey instead of sugar on milk shake

  5. Bananas are also treat to blood pressure patient if you are facing any problem of high blood pressure then you must consumes bananas on daily basis it will reduce your blood pressure naturally
  6. Bananas are also useful for weight loss and its also useful for weight gain its depend on your using and on your diet plan

Never eat bananas on night because according to doctor it will create gas on your stomach specially when you are patient of stomach ulcer

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