The UK needs to overturn illogical laws and legalise cannabis

The UK needs to overturn illogical laws and legalise cannabis
Written by Ali Raza

Cannabis should be sanctioned in the UK for both therapeutic and recreational use to help the wiped out and undercut criminal posses, composes The Pledge specialist Maajid Nawaz.

A standout amongst the most nonsensical and obsolete bits of British law that presently exists is the restriction on cannabis.

Presently, a mother is encouraging the Government to enable her six-year-old child to be treated with the medication for an uncommon type of epilepsy.

Alfie Dingley endures up to 30 fits every day. However, his seizures were cut in number and seriousness when he was treated with cannabis oil in the Netherlands.

:: Government ‘guarding the faulty’ over Alfie Dingley’s ask for cannabis treatment

Be that as it may, strangely, his mum faces a 14-year imprison sentence on the off chance that she gives Alfie the oil in Britain.

What is this poor mother to do?

The war on drugs has fizzled.

It’s an ideal opportunity to legitimize cannabis – for therapeutic purposes yet additionally for recreational utilize. It will help the debilitated, raise charges, undercut criminal groups and protect individuals.

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